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Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus Funds Recovery Attorneys

Brian P. May 20, 2017

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What are Surplus Funds? To understand what surplus funds are, it is important to know what to expect during and after the foreclosure process. One area that is often misunderstood is the refund process regarding excess equity, also known as surplus funds recovery. Foreclosure surplus funds are any amount left over when a house is sold for more than the liens against the property.

Understanding the Surplus Funds after Foreclosure California Law

Based on the surplus funds after foreclosure California Laws, owners are required to present documents showing that they qualify to obtain surplus money after a foreclosure. Our foreclosure attorney will let you know how to claim surplus funds and the necessary process to get the foreclosure refund. On the first call, our attorneys will screen your scenarios and make sure that you are protected under the foreclosure surplus funds California laws.

Do I Have a Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus Funds Claim?

Figuring out if you have a foreclosure surplus funds claim is very simple. If the property is sold for more than the loan amount that you owed to the lenders, then you might be entitled to a foreclosure surplus funds claim.

Surplus funds after foreclosure in California are more common now that property values have increased. If you believe that you had equity in your property after it sold, contact us and get connected to a foreclosure surplus funds attorney for free. Our attorneys will evaluate your claim and advise you regarding your recovery.

How to Recover Surplus Funds from Foreclosure

In most cases, the best way to receive surplus funds from foreclosure is to hire a real estate attorney who fully understands the law and the process to claim surplus funds in California. In many cases, when a homeowner files a foreclosure surplus recovery claim without the help of a lawyer, they waste time and not be able to recover surplus funds from foreclosure. Homeowners do not need to recover surplus fund on their own, and there is no need to pay a lawyer up front. We connect owners to foreclosure surplus attorneys to quickly and efficiently recovering surplus money after foreclosure, making sure that every dollar is recovered as soon as possible. Call to get free legal help today.

Attorneys for Foreclosure Surplus Fund Recovery – Free Legal Advice

We connect you to lawyers who will walk you through the legal process of claiming surplus funds mortgage and immediately file with the courts to recover surplus funds from an equity sale.

Call us today and get answers to all of your questions about foreclosure surplus funds and find out how you can get the money you’re owed from the trustee.

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