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Supporting Consumer Lawyers

One of our goals at CCR is to nurture and support our attorney partners. We pride ourselves on quality work and will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

As an Attorney Partner member, you get access to a list of member perks that include access to our proprietary consumer prospects dashboard to help grow your practice.

Consumer Prospects

Our members receive access to fresh daily prospects.

Practice Management

Members benefit from exclusive practice management training

Content Marketing

Prospects find our website everyday & CCR members benefit

Unparalleled Support

Our CCR support team is best-in-class

The Consumer Center for Resources is committed to facilitating quality connections and building value-driven partnerships on behalf of consumers

Available Member Perks

Customized Member Profile

As an attorney partner member, our CCR in-house team will create a customized member profile that will be exclusive to the practice area of your choosing.

This profile will be constructed based on our proven optimization and conversion structures which continually drive conversions and phone calls that feed the prospect dashboard.

TOP Attorney CCR Badge

As a member of CCR, you will be provided with an exlusive TOP Attorney badge for your committment to consumer law and serving your community.

You will have full permission to use the badge for your website to add credibility and awareness to your stellar legal service to the marketplace and consumers.

50 Consumer Law Firms Directory

Our team has compiled a list of 50 consumer law firms to represent each state in the country that offers a FREE Consultation to list on this page. Some do not offer Free consults, but they let the prospect know ahead of time.

This page is on the 1st page of google and receives organic traffic which then gives each consumer firm listed an opportunity to be reached by the consumer in that particular state.

Attorney Contributor Status

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building has been a staple in the lawyer marketing toolbox for CCR and its partner members.

Attorney partner members will benefit by being given "Contributor" status for guest posting and link building purposes.

Customized Digital Marketing Audit

The Consumer Center For Resources has been operating online for several years and has accumulated a wealth of marketing best practices.

This has allowed CCR to generate prospects on demand, connecting consumers to lawyers in various practice areas. This option will get you a customized Marketing Audit directly from one of our team members.