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Surplus Funds Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Get help claiming the surplus funds from your foreclosure sale and filing with the courts to recover this surplus from the equity sale. Our attorneys can help immediately!

Recover Surplus Funds

If your house is sent to auction and is sold for more than its remaining mortgage, you are entitled to the surplus funds that result from it.

We can help you recover your surplus funds quickly, as attempting to claim surplus funds alone can be time-consuming.

Where the Money Goes

Any surplus funds that result from a foreclosure sale go to the previous owner. However, this may not always happen.

Our surplus funds attorneys will make sure that you get your entitled surplus funds.

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Stress Relief

Going through a foreclosure is stressful enough, recovering money that is entitled to you should be the last thing on your plate.

If you want to recover your surplus funds, reach out to our center, and we will connect you to one of our best surplus funds attorneys who will gladly help you recover your surplus funds.