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Debt Collection Abuse Attorney in Los Angeles, California

We can help stop debt collectors from harassing you if they call you after telling them to stop, attempt to collect more than owed, threaten to have you arrested if you cannot pay, and many more.

Stop Debt Collection Calls

It’s time to put an end to those annoying calls from debt collectors. Filing bankruptcy will stop debt collectors from calling you.

Our network lawyers can file bankruptcy for you to put an end to those calls immediately!

Debt Collection Laws

Debt collectors have a set of guidelines they must follow when trying to collect a debt from you.

Failing to follow these guidelines is against the law, and you will be able to sue the debt collector and stop their calls.

Put an End to Creditor Abuse

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When you talk with our partnered lawyers, they will assess your situation and give you the best option that will help you with your debt situation and end those collection calls.

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