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Car Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Lawyer for Free

Brian P. Oct. 3, 2016

One of the most disturbing aspects of auto accidents is the fact that insurance companies don’t fight aggressively to make things right after the fact. You face many hurdles in getting fair compensation after an auto accident. You have to get medical treatment, get a rental car, possibly get a new car, and still get to work and try get back to living a normal life.

It’s not bad enough to have to deal with your injuries, but you have to deal with the headache of the wrecked car, and you have to push your insurance company to advocate on your behalf every step of the way. There is no shortage of attorneys who say they will get you more money after an accident. But the right car accident attorney is someone who stands by your side and fights for the highest amount of compensation for the damage incurred.

Problems with Not Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer

In many accident cases, lawyers who work for the insurance company will look at policy limits and act like that’s all there is. If someone with discount insurance hits you, their policy limits will be low and you may be told by your insurance company’s lawyer that it will be difficult to get more than the limits. In such a case, personal injury lawyers provide the best help in order to settle your claims for the highest amounts of compensation; often far beyond the policy limits.

Taking the Right Actions at The Right Time

Hiring a car accident attorney for your case after a car accident means that you are not willing to settle for a low amount just because your insurance company doesn’t want to spend the money and the time fighting for more. When you hire our firm, you know that a professional is working for you, not for the shareholders.

Our car accident lawyer will suggest strategic options and advise about the best time to file a lawsuit against the faulty driver. In most of the cases, you have to file a lawsuit against the faulty party within two years after the accident; otherwise, a deadline called the statute of limitations will prevent you from moving forward.

In many cases, our auto accident attorney will file a suit on your behalf as soon as possible, given that it can take months to get a jury trial. Filing too early is seldom an issue unless it is difficult to determine the extent of the injuries and the expected outcome of treatment. Your lawyer is your guide for navigating the confusing issues related with trail preparation and arrangements for trials if you decide not to settle.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Help You Get Fair Compensation

We handle all aspects of negotiation of insurance settlements and also prepare every case for a personal injury lawsuit. After you have met with our car accident attorney, we immediately begin the work of filing a lawsuit. Our lawyer will handle all legal procedures on your behalf.

You may be dealing with the headache of an accident claim for the first time, but our personal injury lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and medical claims to take the stress off your shoulders. Our car accident lawyers have the experience of obtaining the evidence we need for supporting your claims, including witness statements, the police report, lost wage information and medical reports, etc. Without a doubt, hiring an articulate and experienced car accident attorney is the most important thing you can do to get proper compensation after a car accident.

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