Telemarketing Calls

Sue telemarketers and debt collectors for annoying phone calls and automated text messages. You may be eligible up to $500-$1,500 per call.

TCPATCPA Protection

It gets annoying when telemarketers ignore your request for them to stop calling you.

For this exact reason, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act has rule and guidelines set in place to regulate how and when telemarketers can and cannot call consumers.

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TCPAStop Those
Pesky Calls

Want to stop getting calls from those annoying telemarketers? Worry not. We can connect you to TCPA attorneys who are experienced in handling cases against those who violate the TCPA.

Don’t hesitate to call us. We can help you to stop getting their calls.

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TCPACollect Compensation

Aside from stopping those harassing calls, you may even be entitled to receive compensation for each calls that violated the TCPA rules.

Speak with our partnered TCPA attorneys to find out which calls entitle you for compensation. You may be compensated up to $500 for each call that violates the TCPA.

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