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Alabama Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Judson E. Crump, PC

Location: Mobile, Alabama

Practice Areas: Debt Collection, FCRA, Bankruptcy, Auto Fraud, Foreclosure, FDCPA

From the Website: This is the law office of Judson E. Crump, P.C., a consumer rights firm dedicated to protecting ordinary folks from fraud, deception, harassment, identity theft, and false credit reporting.

Our purpose is simple: protecting you, your finances, and your dignity from those who would take everything you have.

Phone Number: (251) 272-9148


Alaska Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Northern Justice Project, LLC

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Practice Areas: Lemon Law, Foreclosure, Consumer Rights

From the Website: NJP is committed to providing access to justice for all Alaskans on important issues of public policy and regularly does pro bono work.

Phone Number: (907) 264-6634


Arizona Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: 


Practice Areas: 

From the Website: 

Phone Number: 


Arkansas Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Crowder & McGaha, LLC

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Debt and Credit Law, TCPA, Employment, Consumer Protection

From the Website: Consumer protection attorneys at Crowder McGaha, LLP have years of experience in federal and state courts fighting for consumers and getting clients fair treatment in multi-party suits. Our lawyers have won cases both big and small in their mission to help level the playing field for consumers.

Phone Number: (501) 205-4026


California Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Consumer Action Law Group

Location: Eagle Rock, California

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Bankruptcy, FCRA, Employment, Mortgage Fraud, Surplus Funds, Foreclosure, TCPA

From the Website: Our law firm is dedicated to help clients in consumer-related matters. Whether you are a tenant with mounting debt or a homeowner in default facing foreclosure, our lawyers and team are knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of bankruptcy, auto fraud, mortgages litigation, predatory lending, sue lenders, stop foreclosure sale, auto accident, personal injury, and employment law. We have the experience to successfully pursue financial relief on your behalf.

Phone Number: (818) 254-8413


Colorado Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: The Wynkoop Law Office, PLLC

Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud & Financing, Lemon Law/Warranty

From the Website: All we do is consumer protection. It is a very specialized field of law. We use the latest research tools to stay on top of this ever changing field of law so we can provide our clients with the best possible representation. Sometimes we even make law.

Phone Number: (720) 855-0451


Connecticut Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Consumer Law Group, LLC

Location: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Practice Areas: Auto Dealer Fraud, Repossession, Credit Report Dispute, Debt Collector Harassment, Lemon Law, Vehicle Warranty Problems, Undisclosed History/Certified Pre-owned Cars

From the Website: Consumer Law Group, LLC, is one of the premier consumer-oriented law firms in Connecticut. Our firm’s founder, Daniel S. Blinn, has practiced law for more than 25 years, and has earned a reputation as one of the state’s leading consumer advocates and educators. Together with our highly efficient staff, we are recognized for our commitment to delivering the highest levels of representation and client service at each point in the legal process.

Phone Number: (860) 571-0408


Delaware Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Legal Services Corporation of Delaware Inc.

Location: Dover, Delaware; Wilmington, Delaware

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Bankruptcy, Consumer Law, Repo, Warranties, Foreclosures

From the Website: We are a private, non-profit law firm. Our mission is to use the practice of law to help low-income families in Delaware.
We strive to meet this goal by working to protect families’ rights in the areas of safe and affordable housing, financial stability, and consumer protection.

Phone Number: (302) 575-0408


Florida Consumer Attorney

Law firm: 


Practice Areas: 

From the Website: 

Phone number: 


Georgia Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Embry Legal LLC

Location: Atlanta, GA

Practice Areas: Lemon Law, Auto Fraud, Wrongful Repossession, Wrongful Garnishments, Breach of Contract, Breach of Warranty

From the Website: Embry Legal is resolute and unwavering in obtaining the desired result for you. While we can never promise you an outcome, we can promise you that we don’t like to lose and we have several clients who will agree.

Phone Number: (678) 631-7744


Hawaii Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Justin A. Brackett

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Practice Areas: FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, HUDAP

From the Website: I’m Justin A. Brackett and I’m Hawaii’s debt defense attorney. If you have problems with debt, then I’m the guy that you need to talk to. For a free consultation, just give me call at: (808) 377-6778

I help consumers negotiate settlements, dispute debts in court, and pursue debt collectors for violating federal or state laws.

Phone Number: (808) 377-6778


Idaho Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Jones & Swartz PLLC

Location: Boise, Idaho

Practice Areas: Consumer and Marketplace Law, including Auto Fraud, Mortgage Fraud/Foreclosure

From the Website: Jones & Swartz’s Landmark Legal Group is here to help individuals and companies. We are a focused, efficient and results-oriented civil litigation law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits. The attorneys at our Boise law office have substantial experience litigating cases not only in Idaho, but also in Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico. The firm consists of a team of creative, hard-working attorneys, paralegals, and support staff to assist with all of your legal needs.

Phone Number: (208) 489-8989


Illinois Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Practice Areas: Consumer Protection, Debt Defense, Debt Collection Abuse, Telemarketing Abuse, FCRA, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Credit Reporting Issues, Repossessions, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Mortgage Litigation

From the Website: Consumers have rights and when those rights are violated, businesses must be held accountable for their actions. At Edelman Combs Latturner & Goodwin, LLC, we are proud to represent consumers throughout Illinois who have been mistreated or manipulated by companies and corporations.

Phone Number: (312) 739-4200


Indiana Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: The Frasher Law Firm, P.C.

Location: Indianaplis, Indiana

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Lemon Law, Credit Reporting Errors, Debt Collection Harassment, Personal Injury, Telephone Harassment (TCPA), Mortgage Servicing Errors

From the Website: The Frasher Law Firm, P.C. is an Indianapolis, Indiana area based law firm that focuses on consumer protection. We have helped recover millions of dollars for consumers. We are routinely sought out to litigate consumer protection cases on a class wide basis by other attorneys.

Phone Number: (317) 300-8844


Iowa Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Nancy L. Thompson Law PC

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Debt and Credit Law, Bankruptcy

From the Website: n/a

Phone Number: (515) 875-4850


Kansas Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Waddel Law Firm LLC

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Practice Areas: Consumer Fraud, Auto Dealer Fraud

From the Website: At Waddell Law Firm LLC, we see ourselves as champions of the underdog. For consumers and small businesses throughout the Kansas City metro, taking on large, established corporations can feel like a no-win proposition. However, thanks to federal and state laws, consumers can fight alongside their attorneys against those who take advantage of consumers.

Phone Number: (816) 399-5510


Kentucky Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: The Consumer Law Office of Steven C. Shane

Location: Newport, Kentucky

Practice Areas: Debt Collection Abuse, Auto Fraud, Credit Reporting, Access to Public Utilities, Lemon Law

From the Website: Attorney Steven Shane has been seeking economic justice for low- and middle-income consumers in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area for over 40 years.

Phone Number: (859) 431-7800


Louisiana Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Dayal Reddy Law

Location: Metairie, Louisiana

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud/Lemon Law, Bank Fraud, Consumer Protection

From the Website: Consumer protection is an important part of Dayal’s practice as he wholly believes that consumers should never be taken advantage of by bad business practices or fraudulent business activities.

Phone Number: (504) 321-7036


Maine Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Law Office of J. Scott Logan  LLC

Location: Portland, Maine

Practice Areas: Foreclosure Avoidance, Bankruptcy (7, 11, 12, 13), Debt Settlement

From the Website: When you are in need of individual or small business debt relief services, look no further than Law Office of J. Scott Logan, LLC of Portland, Maine as your debt settlement adviser. For over 10 years, our bankruptcy attorney has assisted the residents of Maine with professional and knowledgeable legal representation, making it possible for our clients to protect themselves, their assets, and their financial future.

Phone Number: (207) 699-1314


Maryland Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Santoni, Vocci & Ortega, LLC

Location: Towson, Maryland

Practice Areas: Consumer Rights (Debt Collection, Lemon Law, Mortgage Servicing), Personal Injury (Car Accidents, Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence)

From the Website: Santoni, Vocci & Ortega were brought together by a singular vision to achieve justice and ensure the dignity of each client. Combined, we have over 40 years of legal experience and are passionate advocates for those who have been taken advantage of, victimized by fraud or injured.

Phone Number: (443) 921-8161


Massachusetts Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Korth Law Office

Location: Ludlow, Massachusetts

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Lemon Law, Wrongful Reposession

From the Website: Korth Law Office emphasizes Massachusetts consumer automobile law. Much more than just a one-size-fits-all “Lemon Law firm”, our office explores the multiple possible consumer rights with each client to find the best possible solution. We frequently get compensation for clients even if they don’t qualify for a Lemon Law refund.

Phone Number: (617) 259-1955


Michigan Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Adam G. Taub & Associates

Location: Southfield, Michigan

Practice Areas: Identity Theft, Debt Collection Harassment, Credit Report Errors, Auto Fraud, Wrongful Repossession

From the Website: This firm is a recognized leader in consumer protection law. This is a serious responsibility. Mr. Taub regularly provides training services to fellow attorneys free of charge in order to ensure that consumers have the highest quality legal representation available. We also accept many referrals from lawyers who need the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Phone Number: (248) 843-0550


Minnesota Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Friedman Iverson, PLLC

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy (7, 13), Debt Harassment, Collection Defense, Auto Fraud

From the Website: We’ll listen carefully so we understand exactly what challenges you’re up against. We’ll empower you with the information you need to make your own decisions about your finances. And as your lawyer, we’ll work harder and smarter than your creditors to find the best strategy to wipe out your debt.

Phone Number: (612) 564-4025


Mississippi Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Kittell Law Firm

Location: Hernando Mississippi

Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Consumer Protection, FCRA, FDCPA, Premises Liability, Insurance Claims

From the Website: Personal injury attorney Christopher E. Kittell and the Kittell Law Firm stand ready to fight for the justice you deserve. While the Kittell Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services, its primary focus is on the areas of personal injury and consumer protection.

Phone Number: (662) 298-3456


Missouri Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Blaine H. Elliott Attorney At Law

Location: Belton, Missouri

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy (11, 13), Consumer Law, Family Law, Personal Injury, Traffic Law

From the Website: At the Blaine H. Elliott Attorney at Law, we take pride in providing prompt, effective, quality representation and legal services to our clients. Our practice encompasses the area of family law. This includes representing clients undergoing a divorce, as well as handling custody claims and other such issues.

Phone Number: (816) 322-6275


Montana Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Edwards Frickle & Culver

Location: Billings, Montana

Practice Areas: Personal Injury (Car Accidents, Workplace Accidents, Medical Malpractice, etc), Civil Litigation (Consumer Protection, Commercial Litigation, etc)

From the Website: Since Edwards, Frickle & Culver’s establishment in 1980, our firm has received recognition on a regional, statewide, and national scale for our preeminent level of advocacy for individuals, businesses, and families throughout Montana. Our proven personal injury lawyers in Billings have successfully handled a variety of personal injury and civil litigation matters, from traffic accidents and workplace claims to commercial and environmental litigation matters.

Phone Number: (406) 215-4735


Nebraska Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: The Law Office of Tregg Lunn

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Practice Areas: Consumer Rights (FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA), Bankruptcy (7, 13), Criminal Defense (DUI, Drug charges, Theft offenses, Domestic violence, Sex offenses, White collar crime)

From the Website: Attorney Tregg Lunn is a Lincoln, Nebraska lawyer providing services in the areas of consumer law, bankruptcy and criminal defense. He has years of experience helping clients accused of crimes and those consumers being harassed or abused by overly-aggressive debt collectors.

Phone Number: (402) 730-7021


Nevada Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Consumer Attorneys Against Auto Fraud

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Lemon Law, Wrongful Repossession

From the Website: If you believe you have been a victim of deceptive or fraudulent business practices involving the sale or lease of your new or used vehicle, contact our law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly skilled Las Vegas auto fraud attorney.

Phone Number: (702) 664-1168


New Hampshire Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Phillips Law Office, PLLC

Location: Concord, New Hampshire

Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Credit Reporting, Identity Theft, Medical Malpractice, Consumer Protection, Debt Collection-Abuse, Estate Planning

From the Website: Our philosophy is to bring our experience and resources to provide excellent legal help at an affordable cost. We treat clients with dignity in a relaxed atmosphere while delivering highly professional legal services. Because law involves more than litigation, you can count on Phillips Law Office to handle all of your legal requirements, including estate planning, wills, trusts, advanced directives, probate estate administration, and many other legal matters.

Phone Number: (603) 225-2767


New Jersey Consumer Attorney

Law Firm:


Practice Areas:

From the Website: 

Phone Number: 


New Mexico Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Feferman & Warren

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Practice Areas: Car Dealer Fraud, Credit Reporting, Debt Collection, Predatory Lender, Mobile Homes, Mortgages, Robocalls, Other Consumer Rip-Offs

From the Website: Feferman, Warren & Mattison handles a wide variety of individual and class action consumer cases. Most of the firm’s cases are state and federal lawsuits against car dealers, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, predatory lenders, and other businesses that rip off consumers.

Phone Number: (505) 243-7773


New York Attorney

New York Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Kasell Law Firm

Location: Long Island City, New York

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Lemon Law, Consumer Protection, Securities Arbitration

From the Website: Attorney David Kasell is the founder of Kasell Law Firm in Long Island City, New York, a solution-focused firm that emphasizes securities arbitration, consumer protection and general commercial litigation. He was admitted to the bar in 1996 and has successfully litigated or resolved hundreds of cases and recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Phone Number: (718) 404-6668


North Carolina Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: 


Practice Areas: 

From the Website: 

Phone Number: 


North Dakota Attorney

North Dakota Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Sand Law

Location: Three offices at: Watford City, Williston, and Bismarck

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI Defense, Personal Injury

From the Website: Sand Law is a full-service litigation law firm handling both criminal cases and civil cases throughout North Dakota.  Our experienced team of trial attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best RESULT for you or your loved ones. If you have been charged with a crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney possible.

Phone Number: Watford City and Williston: (701) 609-1510; Bismarck: (701) 639-4560


Ohio Attorney

Ohio Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Frederick & Berler, LLC

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Practice Areas: Lemon law, consumer fraud, abusive debt collections and repossessions, unfair labor practices, truth in lending and consumer rights

From the Website: The attorneys who practice at Frederick & Berler LLC, believe pursuing dishonest and abusive creditors and businesses not only benefits consumers, but also honest businesses by ensuring the competition plays by the rules and that all consumers are treated fairly.

Phone Number: (216) 502-1055


Oklahoma Attorney

Oklahoma Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Humphrey’s Wallace Humphreys

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, FDCPA,FCRA, Mortgage Fraud/Foreclosure

From the Website: Our results speak for themselves. We have earned a reputation for taking on matters that have drawn national attention. Trial by jury is a powerful equalizer in our society, but the truth is that the system works best for the party who does the hard work necessary to understand and speak the truth.

Phone Number: (918) 747-5300


Oregon Attorney

Oregon Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Hanson & Walgenkim

Location: Salem, Oregon

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Lemon Law

From the Website: The attorneys at Hanson & Walgenkim are dedicated to serving consumers in Oregon. Our practice focuses on Consumer Law, specifically in Auto Fraud and Lemon Law.

Phone Number: (503) 383-1496


Pennsylvania Attorney

Pennsylvania Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Law Offices of Robert P. Cocco, P.C.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Practice Areas: FCRA, Lemon Law, Auto Fraud, Student Loan Debt, Mortgage Litigation, FDCPA

From the Website: Tired of feeling powerless and stressed out? Not sure how to get relief and proper compensation? What you need is a strong Consumer Protection Attorney, like myself, Robert P. Cocco. Let me take on the bad guys and bring peace to your life once and for all.

Phone Number: (215) 351-0200


Rhode Island Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Law Offices of Peter N. Wasylyk

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Practice Areas: Product Labeling, Debt Collectors’ Abusive Practices, Credit Reporting “Errors & Mistakes,” Telemarketing Abuse, Americans with Disabilities Act Claims

From the Website: At the Law Offices of Peter N. Wasylyk, we represent plaintiffs in individual and class action lawsuits throughout the United States. The experience that we provide and the resources at our disposal allow us to successfully handle these complex cases.

Phone Number: (401) 831-7730


South Carolina Attorney

South Carolina Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Ellsworth Law Firm

Location: Greenwood, South Carolina

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, FCRA, Bankruptcy, FDCPA, Deceptive Trade Practices

From the Website: I am an attorney in Minnesota and South Carolina. I practice consumer protection law, which includes everything from student loan law to auto fraud to class actions for deceptive trade practices. If you have a consumer or money problem, I can probably help. If not, I will refer you to someone who can.

Phone Number: (864) 757-4938


South Dakota Attorney

South Dakota Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Gerdes & McNeary Law

Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota

Practice Areas: Criminal Defense, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Small Claims

From the Website: We are highly skilled and accessible lawyers in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Attorneys Jerry McNeary and William D Gerdes will resolve your legal issues successfully. Our firm has been providing clients in northeastern South Dakota with aggressive representation and sound legal advice for over 30 years.

Phone Number: (605) 622-2100


Tennessee Consumer Attorney

Law Firm:


Practice Areas:

From the Website:

Phone Number:


Texas Attorney

Texas Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: The Swartz Law Firm

Location: Dallas, Texas

Practice Areas: Auto Fraud, Credit/Debt defense

From the Website: The Swartz Law Firm is dedicated to meeting or exceeding your specific legal needs. We offer high-quality legal work, personal client services, and will help you determine the avenues of best pursuit for you, given your particular circumstances. Issues, disputes, and defenses deserve thoughtful analysis so that a cost-effective solution can be pursued, whether in the boardroom or the courtroom.

Phone Number: (469) 909-1127


Utah Attorney

Utah Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Rogers Consumer Law

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Auto Fraud, Inaccurate Credit Reporting, Lemon Law, Abusive Collection Agencies

From the Website: This office concentrates on consumer law issues. We are committed to fighting for abused consumers in the State of Utah.

Jon H. Rogers has over 20 years of experience dealing with consumer law issues.

Phone Number: (801) 532-6272


Vermont Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Brady / Donahue

Location: Springfield, Vermont

Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation

From the Website: As one of Southern Vermont’s leading law firms, Brady / Donahue brings decades of legal experience to provide local Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation representation.

Phone Number: (802) 885-2001


Virginia Attorney

Virginia Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Steven Krieger Law

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Practice Areas: Consumer Protection Law & Contracts, Family Law, H-1B Visas, Landlord & Tenant, Online Defamation & Fraud, Small Business Counsel, and Zoning

From the Website: We understand that finding the right attorney is critical and we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your situation, answer your questions, and explain our ability to help — even if that means helping you find an attorney with more expertise related to your legal matter. We believe that everyone should have access to knowledgeable legal counsel.

Phone Number: (703) 831-7707


Wisconsin Attorney

Wisconsin Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Stanek Law Office

Location: Hudson, Wisconsin

Practice Areas: FDCPA, FCRA, Auto Fraud, Lemon Law, TCPA, Bankruptcy (7, 13), Employment Law, Criminal Defense

From the Website:  I am dedicated to helping workers and consumers get the legal help they need. My firm represents clients in all state and federal courts in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Phone Number: (715) 379-0744


Washington Attorney

Washington Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Fleming Law

Location: Seattle, Washington

Practice Areas: Consumer Protection, Serious Injury/Wrongful Death, Privacy/Data Security

From the Website: Catherine Fleming had a specific vision when she started Fleming Law Firm. Rather than stay at a larger firm or join another one, she wanted to build one from the ground up that did not depend on a constant and large stream of cases. In fact, her vision for the firm is to maintain a flourishing practice based on successes from a small number of current cases. Yes, this means strict criteria are applied for each potential case. It’s not about the dollar value, but about whether the client has a compelling story or clear need for our services.

Phone Number: (206) 453-2558


Virginia Attorney

Washington, D.C. Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Steven Krieger Law

Location: Washington, D.C.

Practice Areas: Consumer law & Contracts, Family Law, H-1B Visas, Landlord & Tenant, Online Defamation & Fraud, Small Business, and Zoning

From the Website: We understand that finding the right attorney is critical and we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your situation, answer your questions, and explain our ability to help — even if that means helping you find an attorney with more expertise related to your legal matter. We believe that everyone should have access to knowledgeable legal counsel.

Phone Number: (703) 831-7707


West Virginia Attorney

West Virginia Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Ellem Law Office

Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia

Practice Areas: Lemon Law, FDCPA, Mortgage Fraud, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury

From the Website: We understand the legal process can be expensive. Our approach is simple, we are looking for the best resolution for you in the most cost-effective manner.

Phone Number: (304) 424-5297


Wyoming Attorney

Wyoming Consumer Attorney

Law Firm: Hathaway & Kunz, P.C.

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Practice Areas: Personal Injury & Product Liability, Employment,

From the Website: Our attorneys have peerless expertise and exceptional professionalism. Whether you are a large corporation, an emerging business, or an individual, we can provide sophisticated legal counsel. Meet the team of partners, associates, and staff who will assist you.

Phone Number: (307) 634-7723



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