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April 19, 2019

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Ask anyone who has ever had to deal with cases related to immigration or employment law and they would never want to live through that nightmarish experience. From being detained due to your ignorance about the Immigration Law in the United States to being denied rightful compensation for an injury or illness suffered at the workplace.

The number of people who become victim of red tape and highhandedness from the authorities just keeps growing in the United States. The mental anxiety of being harassed by immigration authorities or the feeling of being let down by the employer and their insurer can be tough to deal with.

Majority of people who are denied their rights under the immigration or employment law aren’t even fully aware of their rights. Though there is no shame in this lack of knowledge, the feeling of victim-hood is common when your rights are being challenged, you have been denied your rights as an immigrant or you are being deprived of compensation.

You can put yourself into a worse situation with insufficient legal representation or knocking the doors of an attorney who doesn’t specialize in this area of law. Your Uncle George may be an expert in Family Law but you are unlikely to benefit from his legal counsel in Immigration and Employment related cases. You need an experienced attorney who is an expert in the field of Employment or Immigration Law. By retaining one you will benefit in many ways –  

You need legal help…

If you have been wronged by law and believe you need legal advice in the areas of Immigration and Employment law, start looking for an ‘experienced’ attorney who possess prior expertise. Note that we have marked experienced within quotes and the reason behind this is very simple. There are thousands of employment lawyers and immigration lawyers out there so be aware of those who say they practice law in those fields. If you do some background research on their track record, you would have more reasons to worry than rejoice.

When your case reaches the court or when you have to file an appeal, the skills and experience of the attorney is as important as the merits of your case. A bad or inexperienced attorney can err in offering you legal counsel and this may deny a ruling in your favor.

Be aware where you stand…

In most cases people aren’t aware of where they stand with respect to the legal battle or what options they have on hand. Since you are no expert in legal matters you can often build misinformed notions about the law that applies to your case. This can be dangerous and take you on a wrong path.

In your first consultation with an attorney specializing in Employment or Immigration law you’d be made aware of the merits of the case and the options you have in hand. Irrespective all the actions you have taken in the past or lack of it you will still have options to seek relief. An experienced attorney would make you aware of your options and guide you in the right path.

Expedite your actions…

You can’t wait to be deported or see your family member being thrown out of the country when you are up against the department of homeland security. Neither can you afford to miss the important deadlines regarding reporting your injury or filing a formal complaint with your employer regarding your illness or injury while seeking compensation.

Not taking timely actions can deny you justice along with your rights. When you knock on the doors of an established legal firm, senior attorneys will clearly explain to you the timeline regarding your case and most importantly, help you take the right course of legal action in quick time.

You won’t mess with your paperwork…

Whether you are challenging the zealous action of federal government immigration officials or plan to file an application for adjudication of claim in case of workplace illness and personal injury you’d know the importance of paperwork. Add to this the fact that paper work is extensive and complicated at the same time the odds of making a mistake remains pretty high.

Not being able to furnish documents or reports that substantiate your claim can result in your appeal tilting against you. This is where the experience and expertise of an attorney is of great significance. A law firm that deals would cases related to Employment cases, such as personal injury laws, would take care of all the necessary paperwork involved and also put them in order to strengthen your claim.

Your case matters to the attorney…

Experienced attorneys strive hard to maintain a good track record. In this profession a person is solely judged by the track record he or she brings to the table. A lost case or inability to earn a client the kind of relief they are looking for won’t affect the career prospects much for an attorney who hasn’t tasted much success in the past.

On the other hand, an experienced Immigration attorney’s reputation can get blemished if they are unable to get a ruling in favor of their clients. This is where they put in the extra effort and tie all loose ends in your case to make sure your rights are protected and you earn due relief and compensation.

To sum up, when it comes to hiring an employment or immigration attorney you shouldn’t make any compromises. Your life, career and future are at stake if you don’t get a favorable judgment and hence you need to take your time and hire the best in this profession.


In this write-up we discuss about the importance of hiring an experienced attorney when it comes to Immigration Law and Employment Law and how they can help you.  


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