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We Help Car Buyers Sue Car Dealers for Auto Fraud

Brian P. Feb. 12, 2017

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We help car buyers sue car dealers when the car dealers commit to the following auto fraud:

♦ Hiding or failing to disclose prior accidents

♦ Hiding or failing to disclose prior engine defects and major repairs

♦ Hiding and failing to disclose prior use as a rental car

♦ Hiding and failing to disclose prior frame damage

♦ Selling the vehicle for more than the advertised price

♦ Deferred down payment

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At Consumer Center for Resources, we connect consumers with Auto Fraud Attorneys who have years of experience and who are dedicated to helping you pursue your case against your car dealer. Our recommended lawyers have filed lawsuits against car dealers for hundreds of clients and have been able to get a great result under the Federal and State consumer laws.

Many car buyers do not even realize that they have been a victim of auto fraud and do not always understand the issues that make their case strong. When you believe that you might be a victim of auto fraud, it is always best to consult with an auto fraud attorney right away.

In a case involving auto fraud, consumers may sue the dealer, get out of the contract, and recover damages. Experienced attorneys can quickly evaluate your purchase contract, help you gather evidence against the dealer, and fight for your rights to get your money back and get out of the contract.

Our focus is connecting consumers with the best legal counsel available. Our attorneys provide free legal advice to evaluate a claim and usually point out many signs of fraud to build a case against and deceptive car dealer.

If you believe that you have been ripped off by a car dealer, contact the Consumer Center for Resources for a free consultation today. We connect buyers with lawyers who handle auto fraud cases on a contingency fee basis, so they only recover if you recover.

Experienced auto fraud attorneys help buyers to get out of illegal contracts, replace or repurchase the right vehicle, and return the car to get their money back under California consumer laws. If you think you have been ripped off by your dealer, contact us now for immediate help.