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Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorney – Stop Foreclosure, Sue Lenders

Brian P. Sept. 26, 2017

Dealing with a California foreclosure can be a real problem. Laws in the state can be particularly strict and leave you dealing with a significant headache that may put your safety and home at risk. Foreclosure is a legal process that allows a lender to sell your property if you are unable to make the mortgage payments for a period of 3 months. While many believe that the foreclosure is process is difficult to stop, California protects borrowers against illegal foreclosures and makes it very difficult for lenders to take advantage of distressed homeowners.

To stop foreclosures you may need the help of a foreclosure attorney who can file your case in the courts. If you have exhausted all options with the lender and they do not offer any alternatives to a foreclosure, going to a real estate attorney or a foreclosure lawyer is probably your best bet for stopping the foreclosure process.

It is possible to stop foreclosure by filing a lawsuit or bankruptcy. Unfortunately, most lenders won’t advise borrowers to seek the help of a California foreclosure attorney and most borrowers rely on the lenders to help them. A foreclosure attorney can help if your lender is breaking the law and moving ahead with foreclosure while simultaneously offering to avoid foreclosure.

A foreclosure attorney needs time to build a case and file against the lender. You’ll need a fairly strong case to provide enough evidence that you are being mistreated. With the help of a real estate attorney developing your case, it is possible to stop a foreclosure sale and save the home.

Foreclosures are traumatic and time-consuming, but with the right mentality and the right real estate attorney by your side, it becomes far more manageable.

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