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How to Recognize Auto Fraud – Auto Fraud Attorney

Pauliana Lara Jan. 18, 2017

There are many ways that dealers rip off buyers. It is common, and illegal, for dealers to run advertisements and then sell cars for more than the price in the ad. Dealers also commonly hide frame damage from prior accidents; selling unsafe cars and telling buyers that the car is in good condition. When a dealer does not disclose the defective condition of the car to you at the time of the sale; knowing that there was prior damage done to the car, the sale is illegal.

The same is true when a dealer knows that a car needs repairs and tells the buyer that it runs great. A car sold with a known defect could require a substantial amount of expensive repairs. It is illegal when the seller hides any problems that the car has at the time of the sale.

In most cases, if you go back to your dealer alone and ask for a refund, they will refuse to help, making it a case of “Buyer Beware”. In order to avoid these situations, it is best to seek the help of an auto fraud attorney who can take steps on your behalf and get your money back.

Profit Drives Auto Fraud

There is a wide variety of dealership scams, mostly designed to make sure that the dealer makes as much money as possible in every transaction.

Auto fraud hurts consumers both in terms of safety and costs. Fraudulent dealership practices force individuals to spend thousands on repairs every year. Far too often, consumers find out that their car is dangerous when an accident occurs. Most auto dealership fraud cases are not detected until long after the sale, but an auto fraud attorney can still help.

Auto dealers are required to follow strict rules and regulations laid out by the State and Federal government. Dealers often disregard consumer laws and focus on profits. If you believe that your dealer has ripped you off, it is best to hire an experienced auto fraud lawyer to enforce your rights as a consumer.

An Auto Fraud Lawyer Cancels Bad Contracts

There are many flags that signal a bad auto purchase contract [RISC]. The condition of the vehicle and price must be clearly mentioned in the contract at the time of purchase.

A vehicle lawyer has experience reviewing contracts to quickly spot the most common issues that make the contract bad. For example, the contract must be in the buyer’s native language and the negotiations must be conducted with a translator when it is clear that there is a language gap. The seller must provide disclosures to make it very clear about the condition of the car; whether it was in a prior accident, whether it was used as a rental, whether it is still covered under a warranty, if there are any known problems with the car or the engine, etc.

Auto Fraud Includes Warranty Fraud

Auto dealers make a lot of money on after-market warranties. Dealers sometimes misrepresent total miles covered by a car with odometer tampering malpractices. This surfaces when a dealer says that the car you are purchasing has warranty coverage under the original manufacturer’s warranty, but the records show that the mileage caps have already been exceeded.

When your car needs repair, you discover that warranty coverage has expired. So, you have to spend money from your own pocket to ensure repair works. When you hire a vehicle lawyer, he or she will file a lawsuit against your dealer and you can get your money back.

A Car Lawyer Can Speed up Trial Procedures

Our partner experienced auto dealer fraud attorney has handled many cases in the past. They have the necessary experience for taking your case to court and getting your money back. The dealer fraud attorney will immediately evaluate your case based on the documents you signed, and they handle all legal procedures to move your case forward. Auto Lawyers know the right ways of handling a fraud case and they aggressively advocate on your behalf to get your money back.

Lawyer for Car Dealership Fraud at Your Service

Our partner lawyers are here to help if you believe that you are a victim of auto fraud and you want to take legal action against a dealer. When you hire a lawyer for car dealership fraud, they will do all the necessary research on your behalf and handle all the legal filings and appearances.

If you believe that you have paid more than the advertised price, or that your dealer lied to you, you may have an auto fraud case, and you should contact an auto fraud attorney. When we refer you to an auto fraud attorney, they will take up your issue and file a lawsuit to cancel a bad contract and seek compensation for the money you paid. Call us today to speak to the best car fraud lawyers in Los Angeles.