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Foreclosure Attorneys – Stop Foreclosure Help

Brian P. May 19, 2017

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We provide free legal advice to stop foreclosure: stop notice of default or notice of sale! We help homeowners to immediately connect with the best available foreclosure attorneys to stop a foreclosure sale immediately.

As soon as you receive a notice of trustee sale or a notice of default you should contact a foreclosure attorney and have the attorney evaluate your case. An experienced foreclosure attorney can stop foreclosure in as little as 5 minutes.

Call us today to get connected to the best available foreclosure attorney for free legal advice. On the first call, you will be given the best options to stop foreclosure. Experienced foreclosure attorneys within our referral network will take the time to describe every step and option for you. On the first call, legal advice and case evaluations will be done for free.

No matter what your goal is: whether you want to stop foreclosure in the last minutes before the sale, or sue your lender for mortgage fraud, or collect surplus funds after foreclosure, experienced foreclosure attorneys are the best resource to call for help.

Most Common Options to Stop Foreclosure

  • File a lawsuit to stop wrongful foreclosure: when a lender violates the law and commits illegal acts in violation of the California foreclosure laws.

  • File bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy will stop foreclosure. Experienced bankruptcy attorneys with a strong foreclosure track record can immediately stop foreclosure and eliminate debt while securing your home and cars.

  • Apply for a modification or a short sale to delay the foreclosure and sell the house with the lender’s approval; which you can do without the assistance of a lawyer.

  • Request a deed in lieu of foreclosure to stop foreclosure by transferring your interest in the property back to the lender.

Most foreclosure options have benefits and pitfalls. Before hiring anyone, it is best to get free legal advice from experienced foreclosure attorneys who will take the time to present both the pros and cons of each option that are pertinent to your particular situation.

When to Sue Your Lender for Illegal Foreclosure or Mortgage Fraud

If you think you are facing Illegal foreclosure or mortgage fraud, call us and get connected with the best mortgage foreclosure attorney. On the first call, an experienced foreclosure lawyer will let you know what your options are and how you can sue your lender.

Common Mortgage Fraud violations and Illegal Practices in California

  • Dual tracking – When a lender moves forward with foreclosure while simultaneously offering to modify the loan, California provides legal recourse to stop the foreclosure.

  • Negligence – When a lender is telling you that your modification documents were lost or never received, or telling you that you qualified for a modification but then later requires you to apply again, that may be a cause of action to sue the lender.

  • Estoppel – When a borrower relies on what the lender is saying, and relying on the lender causes hardship, that may be a cause of action to sue the lender. For example, this happens when lenders approve a modification and later say that the modification was denied.

If your lender has engaged in any of the methods above, you are likely to have a case.

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